Sunday, 1 June 2014

Light Box!! And a sweet giveaway!

Well I thought I learned my lesson yesterday when I fell asleep blogging at this hour....apparently I didn't.

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that our light box tutorial is up and awaiting your views.  Here are some things you will need before you start this project.

Things you will need to make a light box...
1. A see through plastic bin
2. LED Battery operated lights
3. Parchment paper
4. Tin foil
5. Tape (scotch)
6. Scissors 
7. Coffee. lol

You can find the video link below in the P.S. section of this blog. 

You'll notice that because it is summer now (Yukon only really has two seasons..hehe) a lot of our videos will be shot outside. The reason?

Well, I guess i's time to say it. We are relocating for schooling purposes and want to capture as much of the Yukon as we can so why not make it a part of our vlogging. Our next stop is British Columbia for 7 years of crazy schooling, all to become a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yes it will be awesome! Yes we are insane. But if we weren't we wouldn't know what might be possible. It's a huge adjustment for our son but we plan on integrating him into the idea everyday to make the transition as smooth as possible. He like's his routine and will miss so many people he sees here, but if we don't repetitively teach them about change nothing can grow and, as result of that growth, change. 

A new feature to our blogging and vlogging will be talking about Keltanys' diet and what you can do about a fussy eater. Meal plans and great recipes will be included. I will also go over some holistic things that have helped our little guy. 

And last but not least....thhhhheeeeeee GIVEAWAY!!!

So, every month on the 19 we will have a giveaway. This month I will be giving away two aprons with some spiffy artwork on them. Both designed by me. All you have to do is Share this blog link on facebook, from our FindingK profile page, like it, and your name will be entered into the draw for a free Amber Walker designed apron. So, simple. Pictures of the aprons will be posted in a week when they're finished. 

Anyway, that's all I got for tonight. Today was a crazy busy day with my Son at the reigns. Have a good night all. 

With Mass Gratitude,
Amber Jones

P.S. The link for the light box tutorial. ENJOY!!

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