Monday, 15 December 2014

What is Acceptance?

I've come up with a huge reflection piece for this bare with me folks.

I accept my son for who he is. Who he is, is something I will learn over my lifetime. I don't profess to know anything other than my son doesn't tick the same way everyone else does. Isn't that the way it is anyway? We don't all tick the same.

I'm not going to defend myself ever about my son's diagnosis, or defend my belief in what his amazing professional support staff have concluded with me. I'm not interested in speaking about what Autism is or is not. Honestly I don't know. I'm not sure the professionals know because it differs from child to child. If people don't believe he is Autistic that's their business. This blog is not to prove that my life is difficult. I think (because I am responsible for my perspective) that my life is easy. I see my sons "differences" as a gift. Is it daring to think that what might be his difficulties are gifts? No. If I am to raise a child that accepts himself for all of who he is, I have to show him how acceptance works.  That's my responsibility as his Mother. To love him unconditionally and accept him unconditionally.

I use the term ASD throughout my posts because I do accept that my son is super, super, super, high functioning. I will not say I know anything about moderate to severe Autism. This is something I'm not even remotely experienced in. I would have no business to represent those who are taking care of someone with moderate to severe Autism. My goal here is not to represent. It is to reach out and connect with others.

I do not believe my son is his super high functioning ASD condition. I believe parts of the ASD adjust some things but other than that my son is an adventurer, number enthusiast, Halloween Advocate (believes it should happen everyday), nature loving, food critic.

To me the ASD label is just that. If you give it power, it has the ability to marginalize and separate. I think of it as something the professionals use to describe a certain set of factors that fall within a category. Then I forget about it. As Captain Barbossa would say "They're more like guidelines." I work with my son on a daily basis based on his strengths and the things we are strengthening, and our story continues.

I think the purpose of this blog is to share our  journey through diagnosis and my son's major achievements, to share with other Moms my journey as a Mom, to share with Dads my journey as a parent, to share with everyone my journey of acceptance.

Above all else, this blog is about acceptance. Accepting the variables in life. Accepting change, Accepting that while the systematic way of doing things is great for some it doesn't always work for others. Just accepting that life will always have ups and downs, but that it is up to us to choose the perspective. If I say I like it and you say you don't that's ok. If there is no harm there is certainly no foul.

Well, now that I've taken your time I want to thank you for reading. Have a good night or day depending on where you are. Happy Holidays!


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Busy Mom

Oh my goodness I took a break for awhile as some of you may know. It's been a little insane.

Below is a little list that will give you an idea of the last several months...

School. My son starting school (which will be on my next post). Memorial for 200 some odd people. The flu. Traveling with two kids and husband in car for five days (back and forth). Death of Aunt. Art deadlines. Moving family. Homework. Papers. Started a novel. Husband started school.

I'm sure this list could continue. I think the important part of this crazy busy schedule is that my son is thriving and surviving the chaos that is life. For that I am more than grateful. Anyway, this was meant to be a short update as the bigger more important post will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow's post in on acceptance.

With Love and Gratitude,