Friday, 30 May 2014

One is fun, two is chaos!

I love both my children. I would give anything for them. They are awesome, great, and keep me in line. There are days when I wonder about my sanity though after having two children  I'm talking serious Mom brain.  Those are the days when I realize, it's the 3 year old that gets the banana not the 3 month old, or when after changing poop-tastrophies and showering kids down that you have missed three appointments in a row, or mistaking random people you know as being related to people that you know that they totally are not related to. And then there's the over correcting the Mom brain. This is worse because then you second guess what you actually remember and screw it up by claiming you don't remember cause of Mom brain. This happens when you claim that you don't know the person or don't remember their name because of Mom brain and then realize you had it right all along. And then even worse is when you go and try to correct it all. Oh ya the variables add up quickly once you have two kids. It gets real, very quickly.

And then there's the whole picking you battles thing. Let's just call it what it really is, negotiating. Sometimes you win and most of the time you half win. Yes raising two kids is the easiest and hardest thing I've ever done.

When it's your first born it's baby boot camp until they're one, or three if you have a kid with sensory needs and a speech impairment. And with the second one you basically have all the coordinates figured out with the changing, feeding, and burping cycle. But there's something I didn't expect with the second one, ya know due to Mom Brain and all. I went through this recently when getting her immunizations. "Holy crap I have a kid that's going to develop differently from my 3 year old. What do I do? What do I look for? What happens next?"

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever explore a world where I would have two kids one on the asd spectrum and one that wasn't. Not that I'm complaining, it's just that life becomes a little more challenging when you're figuring out both developmental charts. You have to become the master puzzler, the master illusionist, mirco manager of micro managers, the pioneers of time bending, and a complete rebel.

How do I keep this all up? The two kids, the artwork, the blog, the vlog, or living life the way I want to live it. Well, let's just say the dishes are always making a habitat out of the sink, The laundry sometimes looks like Jaba the Hut eyeing my with contempt. from the corner, and the floors need more than just a good wax on wax off of a mop. But in comparison if I valued a clean house over everything else I would have no life to share with my family. That's just the way I run and always have.

Everything must be done with gusto and meaning or it's all a lie. So, when I forget my own name, I just remember that this is the life I choose, kids, Mom Brain, sleep deprivation and the undying need for more chocolate.

Anyway to complete this blog I am going to tell you a story about a dad brained moment my dear hubby had and 1 tip to help you remember everything,

Our story starts with my husband in the supermarket being asked by a fellow family member if they could give my husband a ride home.

Family Member: You need a ride home.
Husband: Yup. (Forgetting that he has the car in the parking lot.) Oh wait I have a car now.
Family Member: Oh is it here?
Husband Yup. (Family member kisses Husband on the head and say, "I love you cousin.")


That's my husbands story for the week. Now we want to hear from you. Mom's who have Mom Brain moments. Go ahead and share them and laugh with the rest of us. And kudos for being such a great Mom!

Now here is my number one tip for remembering everything. Ready here it is....

WRITE IT DOWN. he he he

Anyway, I wanna dedicate this blog to the Mom and Pops of this time who are taking care of their kids without hesitation,. for Moms who are dealing with one kid on the spectrum and one that's not and  for those parents that put their crazy crap aside so that they can see the bigger picture and raise sensible adults. This one is for you.

Well, there's that sandman again throwing his sand all over the place.

Must go to sleeeep. Thanks for reading. See ya in a post.

With Gratitude,
Amber Walker

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