Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The first of 4,323 Pictures

Keltanys with the camera phone. The first of 4,323 pictures.

Went into my camera phone the other day to retrieve  some photos for our blog and found 4,323 pictures of my son. The picture you see above is the only one where he is not checking out the entirety of his face.

I was amazed I know that when I handed him the phone he was playing with the camera but wasn't certain what he found so interesting about it. Well, I found it. I should have clued in I guess. If there is something that can reflect his image back to him he finds it very fascinating. He'll dance to watch himself dance, smile to watch himself smile, do silly faces, run, stomp, act like a robot, he does it all to watch his reflection. He loves it. And then finally something sunk in as we were in the park today. My kid's majority sensory need is anything that is visually stimulating. When he's in the swing he likes to throw his head back and forth and then will crack up. He loves the visual effects it causes. He also loves running really fast while blinking like crazy. When he's tumbling things in his hands he likes to blink really fast. I for a long time thought that it was the feeling he got from it. Nope it's the visual effect that sates that sense. Then things just started to click, the glow in the dark board he can write on, the light up board he has, the way he cracks up when he sees people stop and go and stop and go when doing the robot, the tumbling, the running, the stomping with his eyes half closed or blinking like crazy, his making random shapes with random objects, his need to see things in complete chaos, watching things spin, running in circles with his eyes set in the corners of his eyes, spinning in circles and doing the same thing...almost .e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g he does repetitively is for the visual stimuli. Finally a direction I can work with artistically. A tool by which I can teach him. 

Took me long enough. 

Anyway, I will not cease the playing with of the camera phone as I believe it is a great way for him to learn more about himself and take great photo's, especially when I have such a hard time in keeping him still for one. Look guys two birds one stone. 

Hence my creating of the light box. The tutorial on how to put it together will be up this weekend. In the meantime if you're are interested in this project here is a list of things you will need for this project. 

Things you will need to make a light box...
1. A see through plastic bin
2. LED Battery operated lights ( make sure you get the batteries)
3. Parchment paper
4. Tin foil
5. Tape (scotch)
6. Scissors 
7. Coffee. 

And on a side note......

On the 19th of next month we will be having a give away. Stay tuned. Details for the giveaway will be posted on the 31st of May. Until then grab the things you will need to make the light box! 

See ya later!

Always with Gratitude,
Amber Jones

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