Monday, 26 May 2014

Ink, paper, and some charit......

At the beginning of this month and what inspired the name of this blog, I as Amber Walker, had an art exhibition  called "Finding the Letter K."

"Finding the Letter K" is a tribute show dedicated to parents of children with autism, their journey in finding their child a midst the sensory preferences and repetition, and trusting themselves as being the experts of their own children. In this show I combined these themes into a fairy tale where three insects set out on a journey to find the letter K, K being representative of my son, Keltanys, and other children on the spectrum. 

Something I don't think I've seen done but was super excited to try was a raffle. So each piece had it's own raffle. Raffle tickets were $20 a pop and 100% of the proceeds went to the Child Development Center here in the Yukon for all their dedication and support of my little guy, and pep talks they gave us during and after the assessment of autism. Thank you CDC!!

When opening night hit a lot of people came into the gallery showing support, love, stories of families they know with kids on the spectrum, and almost everyone that came through bought a raffle ticket. It was amazing to discover that so many people are aware of the spectrum or know someone on the spectrum and how many people see it as something more as an evolution of being instead of a disorder. It was refreshing, and a great comfort to know that we are not alone. 

We were able to raise $500 for the Child Development Center. And I am more than excited to announce that there will be many other raffle style shows and silent auctions like this one where all of the proceeds will go to a local charity or globally known charities that are doing amazing work for kids with autism and whatever other charities you as my readers suggest. Next time I do this style of show ya'll will be the first to know and have first access to raffle privileges and silent auction privileges. 

Anyway, below are some pictures of the pieces that were the core of the show. Have a boo and enjoy! And thank you to all who have shown your support.

And as always...

Love and Gratitude,
Amber Walker

P.S. If you have any questions or want to know more about the artwork shown here, leave them in the comments section. Don't forget to follow us to keep updated on what awesome projects we have going on. Our next project is a light box. How cool is that! See ya soon.

"Finding the Letter K"
© 2014 by Amber Walker All Rights Reserved

"The Hunt Continues"
© 2014 by Amber Walker All Rights Reserved

"The Extra Pieces"
© 2014 by Amber Walker All Rights Reserved

"Environmental Toxins"
© 2014 by Amber Walker All Rights Reserved

"Inner K"
© 2014 by Amber Walker All Rights Reserved

© 2014 by Amber Walker All Rights Reserved

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